Apostolic Ministers Alliance

“How beautiful to dwell in Unity”
Psalm 133:1

Spring Conference '24

Worship with us in Unity


Camp Unity '24

Worship with us in Unity

Mark your calendars for Camp Unity 2024!

We are excited to welcome back Bishop Jonathan Suber as our night speaker!

July 16 – 19   More details to come!


Vision Statement


To cultivate a community made of exceptional individuals of faith, fostering their growth and collaboration to carry out the mission of the Gospel to the world.


We Focus on faith


We believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and are a community of believers who come together based on our shared faith. Everything we do is driven by the transformative message of the cross.

We emphasize fellowship


Through connections, relationships, and events, we come together to celebrate our common goals while embracing our unique differences. We are a network of ministers who support and care for one another. Together, we are stronger, and you don’t have to do ministry alone.

We prioritize missions.


Whether locally or globally, our aim is to advance the Kingdom of God. We break down cultural and racial barriers, reaching out, experiencing, contributing, and loving the world.

We value relationships


We deeply value the cultivation of genuine connections that endure throughout a lifetime. Through our annual events such as Camp UNITY and Spring Conference, we actively create spaces that foster the growth of sincere friendships with fellow churches, ministries, missions, and cherished friends. These gatherings provide invaluable opportunities to build and nurture honest relationships that stand the test of time.